Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas the day before Christmas...

And all through the house
The kids were bored senseless
And itchin' to get out

So we piled in the car
All but the one
Who was sleeping and snoozing
And clearly no fun

So we went to Saifi Stables
To check out the horse play
And signed up two kids
For an assessment on Thursday

Right next door was a range
Target shooting galore
But it appeared all empty
With no one in store

Off to Climbat we drove
On the way to the Dead Sea
The walls had no climbers
So the kids did more than three

Hunger pains hit
So we returned to town
Stopped by Meat Master
And at Taj Mall we found...

Some last minute shopping
A tasty dinner of kebabs
Little icky snow cones
And then home for the jobs...

-Of finishing wrapping
-Repairing the tree
-Baking some cookies
-Relaxing with family

We wish you the best
This holiday time
With snow or without
It can all be sublime

Stay warm, stay cozy
And though presents are nice
Time spent together
Is worth any price.

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