Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not Your Typical Holiday Concert

Honestly, I was expecting far worse. Isn't that a terrible thing for a parent to say? With the reports from the boys after hearing the matinee' I was fully expecting a muddle.  What we heard was far far better and I'm proud of Rebecca and Katherine for sticking with their little groups.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Some of it was traditional. Here the middle school and high school choirs combined.

And the combined band made a decent rendition of a carol mash-up.  I give great big kudos to the band director for doing what he can with the limited human resources he has.  In the middle school band there is a single trumpeter, a tiny little guy who didn't play perfectly but did a fine job with what essentially were large sections of solo work.  All together the group gets a fairly good sound, even, as Katherine says, most of them have difficulties counting to 4.


  1. Love the choral piece! And I think yor assessmen of the band is right on. It must be hard for Katherine after all of the great things she's been able to do the past few years.

    1. It is VERY hard on her. She's a much better player than that, but he has to choose music that all the kids can pull together and play, which is truly the definition of teaching to the lowest common denominator. The kids are trying, they really are, but it's not improving HER abilities at all.