Sunday, July 10, 2016

One day of Wandering DC

A day last week Ian had to get his new badge and submit our passports for Schengen visas. Not knowing how long that would take, but knowing it would take at least several hours, Becca and I tagged along downtown and walked where the streets took us.  Starting at Main State...

We wandered through a tiny White House museum about "The President's Neighborhood" and then of course had to stop and see the White House itself.

As we continued to look for an indoor place to cool off from the heat, we wandered past the National Museum of Women in the Arts with a special exhibit...

Unlike most of the popular museums, this was one we could see in its entirety in a couple hours.

Certain pieces drew a thumbs up from Rebecca.  Some, a thumbs down. She had a snapchat story running.

An enchanting love story between a banana and a pear.

Yes, I had some thumbs up as well.
From the special exhibit there were so many brilliant stories being told but this one really struck a chord...

So many stories. I could have photographed almost every piece.

Instead we continued our walk and ended up getting some lunch.

Which happened to be right next to the Portrait Gallery and Museum of American Art. We ran out of time, but we are so going back there.

We looked for Stephen Colbert.
He came down in April. Bummer.
A hot day with a lot of walking, but a great one with my "baby" girl.


  1. Love the area!I worked right around gallery place last summer. I am actually moving back to the DC area for my first grown-up job at the beginning of August. Will you still be around/have any interest in meeting up for coffee to discuss FS from a familial perspective? I'd be happy to tell you more about myself in an email ( in the interest of proving I'm not a miscellaneous internet creep.

  2. Alas! Enjoy the next adventure :)