Sunday, July 10, 2016

Since we last spoke

We were in Florida. On our way north we managed to catch the rocket launch from KSC...

If we didn't have an appointment in Savannah that afternoon we would have gone straight to KSC instead of veering north and catching the launch from Daytona. Therefore, not quite checked off our bucket list.

Then we spent an overnight in Savannah. Dinner was at Joe's Crab Shack which was pretty good, and dessert came from the Candy Kitchen. Walk in and inhale the sugar. Well worth a return visit, perhaps as dinner rather than dessert.

There's not too much to say about SCAD as we really didn't have much time and the heat and humidity were extreme. Thankfully we'll get back there soon for a summer orientation.

And then we made our way to:

Hargrave Military Academy is an all boys boarding school in southwest Virginia.  Earlier this year, Ian took Nicholas for school visits to find him the perfect fit. Academia hasn't been his strong suit for a while and Nicholas felt that the structured atmosphere of a military school, with the absence of distractions by being all boys, and focused on physical demands along with dictated activities... well, Hargrave fit the bill. To get a taste as well as make up for some of his poor grades, we enrolled him for summer school, with a leadership course and air rifle activity.

Depending on who you talk to, the next part is either fortunate or unfortunate.  We are torn through the middle.  Nicholas experienced what can only be described as homesickness to the point of a panic attack. After three days of trying to talk him through it via text, email, and phone, we returned to Hargrave to pick him up. While we would have preferred him to have found his passion and relish the structure of what he thought he wanted, it's not what happened. While we would have preferred he saw the 29 days through even if he swore at the end he never wanted to do another thing military related ever again, it's not what happened. And maybe some day he'll be able to explain what went through his mind and the emotional roller coaster he felt.

We could be angry. We could be disappointed. We could be frustrated. And in fact we are a mixture of all those, but at this point only slightly because really we need to look forward and see what's next for him. Somehow we get him through high school. Somehow we help him find what catches his interest.

And to be honest, we weren't ready for him to leave home. While we respected his decision to go to boarding school and did a lot of work and spent a lot of money to see it happen, at the end of it we get to keep him at home with us for another few years and we're happy about that.

We just need to figure out how to do it so we all see something good at the end.

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