Sunday, July 10, 2016


The past week we stayed with my parents and were able to meet up with loads of friends who happen to be living in NoVA or just passing through.  We were out every night, driving around Virginia and eating way too much.

4th of July sparklers with Seilings and Gormans.

Foster's Grille and Starbucks with the Hay-Davenports, 8 July.

Johnsons and Schive-Papenfuss and an al fresco meal, 7 July.

A crew from MU at Whitlow's on Wilson, 5 July.

Underwood-Wolfram for Pupatella pizza, 5 July.
The only ones we didn't get a photo with were the Rosenbergers, great people from our time in Amman. The Foreign Service is a small group, and just about everyone comes through the DC area at some point.  It just so happens that this summer there really are a ton of people here at precisely this moment, so it's been a blast visiting with them.

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