Sunday, July 10, 2016

There's other stuff, but first... settled in

We've moved into our TDY housing.  While Ian is off doing his thing, and Jonathon is now off at summer camp...

Getting geared up and excited for camp!!
...we spent a couple hours wandering around the neighborhood.

Actually stopped at the Dark Star park looking for a geocache.
Didn't find it. *sad face*
And kept walking...

And kept walking...

It's an otter, right?

And kept walking...

Civil War - the tree has grown right into it.
Rows and rows of Civil War dead.
Robert Todd Lincoln.
The dead from Kenya and Tanzania.

And then we walked back.

Yes, Nicholas was catching Pokees all along the way, but the game has a couple things going for it - there's no running around and there are points of interest marked all along the way.  It's a faze, at least until they take the whole thing down, fix it, and get it going again.

At least that's what the boys tell me.

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