Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Like I don't have enough to think about

Just getting everything together in a reasonable fashion is enough to occupy my days. (I can't imagine if I were homeschooling too.)

So, the Girl Scouts troupes are forming. Only the Brownie leader is in the States for a few months with her son's surgery. So, looks like I'll be helping out with a combined troupe until she returns. I should go to the troupe leader meeting on Saturday morning to figure out what the heck it involves. The first meeting for the girls has been scheduled for Tuesday evening. Then there's the Daisy troup with their first meeting scheduled for afterschool on Friday.
Of course, today Katherine has Tae Kwon Do after school. I have to pick her up directly from there to go to the Medical Unit so she can get a refill and a blood test to check on her liver function. Followed immediately by picking up Ian at the Embassy. Then one of us will dropping the rest off at home in order to attend the ISM Open House. How one person is supposed to attend both the 2nd grade and ECLC room presentations, I don't know.
Add to that, a cat had kittens in our yard. Tuesday I collected 3 and called the FMO to pick them up. The kids never knew and that's how I wanted it. Wouldn't you know, Wednesday 2 more appeared, feistier than the first bunch. I boxed them, but still feeling guilty from the first batch, I'm totally confused. One is pretty mean, the other is cute and rather friendly. I know which one I'd keep, if I wanted to keep one at all. But the time, expense and logistics of owning a pet are all pushing me to Just Say No. Ian wants to keep one and take it to the vet. But who's going to have to take it? Me. Who's going to have to find cat litter and cat food? Me. Who's going to have to clean the box? Me (I won't let the kids do it, and I know Ian won't do it regularly... he didn't the last time we had a cat). Who's going to worry about taking care of the cat when we're not here? What about when we leave post? I'm not travelling cross-country for 2 weeks with a cat in the car. I don't want the additional hassle of looking for temp housing that allows pets. I don't want to worry about an animal messing up someone else's home.
All this and the guilt is the only thing holding me back. The kids would love a pet, I'd do something humanitarian (and not feel so heartless towards lesser creatures) and I just might grow to like it. Maybe.
I have to decide by this afternoon.

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