Thursday, September 4, 2003

The rest of the weekend

The rest of the weekend 8/30-9/1/03 - Saturday was a wonderful day. The weather was gorgeous so Ian went flying and I took the kids to the playground for a good part of the morning and we had a picnic under the gazebo.

A memorable day also in that Rebecca decided she was ready to ride her bike without training wheels. She’s an extremely cautious kid when it comes to anything physical, waiting until she’s almost positive she can do it without too much failure. And you know what? She did. Her extra wheels are off and she can start, stop, kind of turn, and pedal. Yay, Rebecca! It was even better because Katherine was helping her get started in the beginning and whenever she’d get the first few pedals going, the park would ring with the sounds of Nicholas whooping and cheering his sister on. Whenever she’d stop he’d run over and give her a big hug.
It was also my parents 30th anniversary. Thirty years! A huge Congratulations to them.
Sunday after church there was a bazaar in the school building. A collection of sellers and their wares and all we bought was a bag of rambutans. A what, you say? Take a look at this link - They are very mild, juicy fruits that the kids enjoy largely because they are funny looking and fun to peel. Among the tables of clothes and vegetables, jewelry and snacks was a table of movies and music. Hey look, we can own "Finding Nemo" on VCD! Too bad it is still in the movie theaters and hasn’t actually been released on tape yet. Piracy, the bane of living in a poor country with a little too much fingertip technology. We realize the prevalence, but Ian was irritated that it was present in the church, surrounded by some of the richest neighborhoods in the city.
Monday was a holiday for Ian but not for the girls, so we went to the church (the offices are only open during the week) and registered Katherine for CCD. I’ll continue preparing her at home as well, but I think she’ll enjoy going to religion class again. One project that I keep tossing around is having the girls make a big wall-sized rosary. I’m still working out the specifics though. Oh, First Communion is scheduled for May 23rd.
Off to SM Megamall with the boys. We found a great bakery there and bought an assortment of breads. That mall isn’t a place we can get to regularly but when we do go it’s definitely a place to stop in. It smelled fabulous and was as hot as, well, the inside of an oven.

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