Thursday, September 4, 2003

An observation or two

A few more observations – What are the pots for in the bathrooms? Ian mentioned one evening, thinking maybe I had a clue, that in the restrooms at the Embassy there are long handled pots. Can anyone enlighten us? When he brought it up I could honestly say I didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about. Now of course, I see them everywhere. When we stopped at the Medical Unit restroom, there it was. When I went to a neighbor’s house, there was a sort of watering can. At the nearby McDo there’s a complete sprayer set-up. What gives? The only thing we came up with was a rudimentary bidet. But can we get a collective “ew” for that idea? It’s bad enough having to work around toilets with no seats and the absence of paper (unless you’re prepared and either pack some along or buy a pack before hitting the stall), but now we have this to ponder. It all gets to be a bit much sometimes.

A completely different topic, but one discussed before, driving. Medians are popular. Without a median, any unused lane in one direction will be turned to the opposite direction. If traffic backs up, people have no problem with using one of the opposite lanes to get by. And not just to scoot around an accident or a flood, but to take over the entire lane. With the rainy season apparently on us, or perhaps just the fringe of the typhoon that recently smashed into China, we’ve had plenty of blocked lanes to circumvent and on-coming traffic is no deterrent

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