Saturday, September 20, 2003

What Jonathon is up to

Computer, tricycles and diapers, oh my!

Finally, Jonathon can pedal his tricycle. Of course, it goes faster if he just pushes himself along the ground with his feet, but he can pedal and practices around the house. It's so cute to watch his little legs go.
He has been introduced to computer games, but after several weeks still hasn't grasped the idea of the mouse leading the arrow on the screen. I don't recall it taking the other kids this long. I know he'll get it, but in the meantime it's frustrating that when the game doesn't go his way he shuts the entire computer down. Don't ask me how.
He's fully day trained to use the potty. Even for naps he can be left in underwear, but a night time diaper still gets wet. That's OK by me, I can handle changing a single diaper each morning.
And I'm sure there will be much joyful shouting on this one, he's weaning. Not quite there yet, but he's heading that way.
He's been really cranky for a couple weeks saying his mouth hurts, so it's 2 year molar time. That of course has been accompanied by a fluctuating fever, some nasty tummy reactions and an inability to take a joke. He's been napping early, from 11 to about 12:30 or 1:00.

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