Saturday, September 20, 2003

Nick-O-As can say BooK

Nick-o-as can say book, but we're still calling in reinforcements.

It's time to look into alternatives for helping Nicholas with his speech. I'm not cutting it and he's just not making the progress he should have by 3 1/2 years old. When he did finally start to talk, we didn't correct his language for fear of discouraging his use of words. But now, that has backfired to a point. His pronunciation is terrible and his grammar is worse. We have finally reached a point where hearing "me yes" and "I" run 50/50 but it's been over a month to get this far. It is taking days to get a single word pronounced properly, like booK vs booT. There is a speech specialist at the school but she's only for the students enrolled at ISM. Of course, I'll be calling her outside and will hopefully either work with her or get an alternate recommendation.
He does have a fabulous sense of humor though, proclaiming things his favorite (My Beh-It!) or so funny (Dat So Moooonnney!).
He's doing well manipulating the mouse and going through computer games, zipping through Freddi Fish and Pajama Sam after watching his sisters play them. He also enjoys Blue's 1-2-3, Elmo in Grouchland, MathBlaster and Reader Rabbit Phonics. For Christmas he'll receive the new Finding Nemo game.
The other day I wrote down his name and we were talking about the letters and how they compared to Jonathon's name. He still feels it unjust that Jonathon gets 2 Os and 2 Ns to his own 1 of each. But he can recognize the difference between the 2 names. And he practiced writing his own string of Ns, Hs and group of Os. Mixing all the cards up, he got them right. So we added Mommy and then Daddy and he got them right too. A bit of sight recognition can go a long way! Thanks to some recent Manila arrivals, Laura and Ryan Koch, we are also currently small letter magnet enabled, so we'll be having lots of fun this week. Thanks!

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