Sunday, November 28, 2004

All Aboard

Yesterday we saw “The Polar Express”.

If you’re debating between taking your kids to see “The Polar Express” or “The Incredibles”, choose the former. Absolutely. People have said that they’ve found the train ride too intense, but my kids are all for adventure. I will take a roller coaster train ride over characters shooting at each other or menacing adults threatening children. Polar made me laugh and cry, but wasn’t overly sentimental. There’s singing and dancing, without being a musical. All in all a really good movie and at just over 1 ½ hours it wasn’t too long.
We’ve also made a decision about going to Vietnam. With the new guidelines for entering the Senior Foreign Service, Ian needs to have a major region (three tours) and a minor region (two tours), along with two languages and a plethora of other requirements (hard to fill position. There’s a good chance we’ll return to Asia at some point to fulfill some of these requirements and we would rather have my dad with us when we do go to Vietnam. After Christmas my dad already has travel plans, so he wouldn’t be able to meet us there. I think we’ll get more from the visit if we’re able to see some of it through his eyes. So with that, Vietnam will wait for us. I look forward to it.

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