Monday, November 15, 2004

C'est incroyable!

We saw "The Incredibles" today.

Ian and I have different impressions of it. While we both agreed it was too long and too talky, he didn't see a problem with the loads of violence that I did. I thought the story was too complicated (even Katherine didn't quite get it) and it had too much adult humor and adult situations. In fact aside from a couple spots that were obviously funny to any age, most of the dialogue and action was geared to adults. Unlike Shrek 2 that had adult humor amidst fairy tale creatures, the Incredibles were more like James Bond meets the the Fantastic Four... neither of which my kids have any exposure to. Every time the action slowed, the boys gots antsy and asked if the movie was done yet. They weren't involved in the storyline as it was all over their heads from marital trouble to crushes in school. And the action was entirely people shooting and things smashing and blowing up. People were killed in the movie. Granted they weren't explicitly shown, but what else can happen to characters sucked into plane engines and blown up by bombs? And if your kids are sensitive to children in danger, dads held hostage, kidnappings and that sort of thing... well, it's all in there.
OK, like I said, if you ask Ian he'll say the kids liked it and so did he. I thought it was OK, but I would encourage the 5 and under set -NOT- to see it. I don't think Rebecca got much out of it either, but it wasn't her kind of movie to begin with. It was fine for Katherine and yet... I don't know.
Someone said they thought the violence was no different than a Looney Tunes cartoon. I guess I can take an eight minute shot of TV screen sized cartoon violence a lot easier than two hours of movie screen sized cartoon violence.
My final thoughts: too long, too complicated, too talky and too much violence. There are better kids movies out there. I'm looking forward to seeing "Polar Express" and "Madagascar".
Side note: We've been spoiled by the movie theaters we generally go to. Usually we go to Greenbelt 3 or Rockwell Poweplant, but the showings we wanted were sold out. So we went to Greenbelt 1 where the rows aren't tiered, the seats are first come-first served, and they let us in the theater before the earlier showing was even done! Well, at least they had boosters for the smaller kids. Jonathon didn't keep getting flipped up by his chair.

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