Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Cholesterol Caper

Our med checks have been completed, now we wait for our clearances.

There was one surprise on my check, my cholesterol has shot up to 209 during the past 20 months. We all know the “healthy” cutoff is 200. The doctor said not to change anything I’m doing though, as my “good” cholesterol aka HDL was 99. The goal is to be greater than or equal to 40, so I blew that out of the water. Maybe it’s all the canola oil we cook with, who knows, but I know that it’s probably genetically related as my mother has the same ratio of HDL to total cholesterol. My triglycerides were ok too.
OK, the point of this entry. The day I found out my level I got cocky and decided to make a bet with Ian. When he received his results we would compare and if my level was lower then I asked him to quit drinking soda for a month. If his level was lower he came up with me doing Dance Dance Revolution every night for a month. Oh, you know what Dance Dance Revolution is if you’ve ever been by an arcade. Those pads that you hop around on while a screen scrolls arrows or dots to show how your feet or hands should move? We have the foot pad connected to the Xbox in our bedroom. A dance program of bouncy repetition.
The day came for Ian’s results this past Friday. The kids and I sat watching Survivor in the waiting room, and guess who came out gloating.
This obnoxious man had a total cholesterol of 129. No, you didn’t read that wrong. He has always had a lower level than me, but this is getting ridiculous. I eat less and better than he does. I exercise more (ok, perhaps that’s a stretch but I am on the move more than he is). And I still come out short. His HDL was low at a pathetic 38, but who cares! His triglycerides came in at 87, almost half of the recommend under-150. And… arg. I just don’t think it’s fair!
Of course he had no sympathy. I made a bargain and that is that. We had company last night so I had a reprieve from my first night, but I don’t think he’ll be as forgiving tonight.
I’m ready to Dance Dance Revolution. Bring it on.

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