Tuesday, November 23, 2004

T minus Turkey and Counting

Our Thanksgiving plans seem to be materializing on their own.

Aside from ARC refusing to let us use the empty indoor air conditioned rooms on Thursday (unless we purchase $250 worth of turkey from the Grill), everything is falling into place. We have been allowed to fight the mosquitoes on the patio between the building and the pool and bring all the food we want. The bonus is that now we have nothing to stop the kids from spending their time in the pool until the food is prepared. That wouldn’t be possible if we had to mess with those silly air conditioning and carpeting things, right?
I’ve already bought a turkey (Laura is doing the other one) and it’s thawing happily in the fridge, though I’m having huge worries about cooking it right. I’m a terrible cook (have I mentioned that before?) and aside from a handful of foods I make regularly it’s rare that a dish I haven’t practiced on extensively actually turns out. I’ve also made squash soup and craisin oatmeal cookies, but those are tough to mess up. Now all I need to do is get through the bazaar tomorrow where I’ll be picking up the last few things for Christmas and then the Thanksgiving program in Katherine’s class on Thursday morning.
Thanksgiving will be held from 3-7p.m. to accommodate the kids who still have school that day, including our girls. Originally we started with potentially fifteen people, but that number has swelled to nearly thirty. Thirty of us away from family for the holiday will gather together and be family to each other for the evening.

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