Sunday, November 14, 2004

On the catwalk, part 2

OK, I had a long post written and then the program connection crashed and I stupidly hadn't saved it in Word so...

Here's the abbreviated version since I'm too tired to rewrite the whole thing.

We arrived at Robinson's Galleria on Ortigas at noon and the show wasn't until 4 p.m. Yeah, that's a long time to hang out, especially if you're not going to rehearse the girls on their walk or poses. At 2 p.m. the program started with a teen dance troupe, a few rounds of the "give me" game (which I absolutely can't stand because it encourages kids to attack their parents and demand various objects in order to barrel over each other to the stage and win a prize), a coloring contest and a Totally Spies quiz show. Ian and the boys didn't hang out for the first couple hours, they went to DreamScape and the movies instead. DreamScape is an indoor playland with bumper cars, roller coaster, carousel, log flume and other rides and games. At the theater, they would have preferred to see "The Incredibles" but the timing was bad, so "Shark Tale" took its place. I don't think it made that much of an impact though. According to the boys the only thing that happened was a shark eats a fish at some point. OK then. But they were happy. For a while Ian disappeared to Starbucks with Randy (Kristine's husband) to get some coffee. I can't blame him. Even while he enjoys malls and shopping, this was a bit much for everyone.
So at 4 p.m. the girls took the stage. They'd had their make-up done, Kristine had brought glitter for their hair (two of her daughters were in the show as well) and they felt quite glamorous with the lights and photographers. Some of the clothes were even nice! Which is good because each of them receives a gift certificate to the Cinderella stores which markets Osh Kosh garments, on top of the gift bags from "Bobbie", a cosmetics line. I can't wait to go shopping with the girls and pick up some cute things for next year.
Lights and music on, they did the show. Some of the kids had done this before. A couple have been modeling for a while for Barbie and Goldilocks so they were old pros. A few others were new but seemed to feel comfortable. My girls... were not. Katherine is so lanky and flexible that every move she made was exaggerated and she had a serious aire about her. Rebecca was so shy she practically ran across the stage, entirely forgetting to look up or stop to show off the clothes.
But they had a great time and if they never do this again, it's fine by me. I'm impressed they both completed the job and had a lot of fun doing it too. Every time my family does something new it makes me proud, so this is another notch in my Mom Belt of Family Achievements. Yup, I'm keeping track.
And kudos to Ian for putting up with it all.
I gotta say, my family is pretty cool.

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