Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nats are here.

That's short for Nationals and baseball for those not in the know :) Washington has baseball for the first time in 34 years.

But.. it's baseball *yawn* I do -not- see what the ruckus is. But my husband likes baseball and had looked into taking Nicholas for his birthday, which I kinda nixed unless they wanted to go themselves. Games start at 7:30, a little late.

ANYWAY... we were talking in the car this morning about what to have for dinner and he suggested hot dogs and hamburgers in honor of baseball. Well, OK. Then said that we needed cracker jacks. You know the song. And we'll have nachos. So I went to the store to get buns and those mini soda cans and cracker jacks. But I forgot paper plates! Can you have a "baseball experience at home" without paper plates?

The kids will get to watch about 1/2 hour of TV baseball before I take over and switch it to Survivor :)

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