Monday, April 25, 2005

Tv turn-off week

We're endeavoring, at least for the kids/daytime, to have no TV or computer games for the week. Today was day 1 and it went well with daddy playing Monopoly Jr. with the boys and Multiplication War with Katherine. All the kids had baths, Rebecca and I scrapped, and we read lots of bedtime stories. During the day, the boys listened to stories on CD (a birthday gift for Nicholas from the grandparents) while playing Legos for hours. Of course, it's also grocery day and housekeeping day, so there's no time to be bored.

One thing I wasn't thrilled with... _Eloise_. This book has won awards and "people" love it. I do not. I didn't enjoy reading it, and the kids didn't enjoy hearing it because of my dislike. I couldn't get over what a brat the kid was, and then you have to read the book in one long breath because there's absolutely no punctuation. Yes. I get it. Stream of conscious, jumping from one activity to the next, ignoring what a pain you're being... it's all normal for a 6 year old. But goodness, I found myself checking how many pages were left for me to suffer through. Twice. Nicholas got up and walked away. Jonathon asked how much more there was. We won't be reading it again and good riddance.
OK, it's late and I haven't written anything about the past two weekends. I promise I will, just not tonight. We went to the American History Museum, the Air and Space Museum and the Maryland Science Center, so we've been busy.

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