Monday, April 25, 2005

Something in the Air

I don't know what's up, but the boys have been getting along so well. Several times the past few days, Nicholas has quietly said just so Jonathon could hear (and mom overheard while puttering around), "You're fun to play with, Jonathon." He really means it. And they have been playing great. Oh sure, there are tussles now and then, but they've been great.

Today I got cranky at Jonathon for not listening to me (again) and sent him off to his room (again). Nicholas pulled out a piece of paper and a marker. "Mom, I'm going to make you a happy card." A happy card? "A card to make you happy." It had hearts and pictures of me and him smiling in the corners. Jonathon sidled out of his room and got his own piece of paper. "Mama, I'm going to make a card too." Commence coloring. "Here's a happy card for you. Happy that I don't have to be in my room anymore." It had me under a rainbow. See, that's how he gets away with things. I hadn't released him from his room and yet, how could I stay firm and send him back?

Yes, it does bite me in the butt every time. But gosh the boys are cute.

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