Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Of Popes and Flexcars

Cardinal Ratzinger has been elected the new Pope and has taken the name Benedict XVI.

He's German, conservative and was a very close friend to Pope John Paul II. Aside from that, I really know little else about him. I'm not thrilled with the choice, but then the Cardinals didn't exactly ask me either. In all honesty, I was hoping for a Pope from somewhere outside Europe. Ratzinger is 78 years old so chances are pretty good that I'll be around to see his successor.
In lesser world-altering news, today is Ben and Jerry's Free Cone Day. Go and get some free ice cream. The boys and I went this morning right as it opened and I was surprised that they dole out full-sized single cones. They were so yummy. Nicholas chose mango citrus sorbet of some sort and it was so good, Jonathon had chocolate and I picked mint chocolate chunk. No wimpy chocolate chips in that ice cream.
Onour way home from Ben and Jerry's and Whole Foods (gotta have my hummus and if I don't have to make it, all the better), we passed yet another FlexCar. This one happened to be at an expired parking meter and received a ticket, but it's still cool how you can rent a hybrid car to hop around town, renting it for as little as an hour at a time. Some cities have their bicycles, we have hybrids. Way cool.

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