Monday, April 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

There's no way that Nanny911 happens in a week. Nope. No way. No kid turns from whatever those creatures were into a happy harmonious family units in 3 or 4 days.

I had a weird nightmare the other night. It involved a warehouse toy store, a clown (yeah, bad enough for a clown), lots of red paint words on walls, and a red ball. It ended being a big ole mix-up and actually wasn't a nightmare but a.... pizza delivery ad. I still woke up scared. I don't like clowns and don't think I'll be buying any small, red, nerf type balls.

I have letters to write. I should be writing them now. But I have some other writing to do instead.

Oh yeah, I got paid today. What's that? you say. Yup, an article of mine is printed in this month's Foreign Service Journal, pg. 9 in AFSA News (if you read the afsw website article before, it's the same story).

If there are any MU folks reading this, a reminder that Fred Franke's memorial service will be at noon on May 1st at the MU chapel.

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