Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Feeling Like I Should Write Something of Import

I don't really have anything of import to write, though. Therein lies the problem. Want to hear some discombobulated ramblings? Read on...

School started in Chennai today and I'm just about finished filling out enrollment forms. The last things are the physicals. Kind of a pain to get done, but when is hanging around the doctor's office not a pain?
My parents return home from Poland tomorrow. From what I've heard, they had a wonderful time meeting with the relatives and seeing the sights. I'm so glad my grandmother had the oppotunity to go with them. This was her first opportunity to return to Poland since she was a little girl.
We've been told about our housing assignment in Chennai. It sounds just about perfect, so we're all quite excited. It's an older home, has 2 floors (stairs again!) and is on the Consul General's compound along with a couple other family homes, the tennis courts and the pool. The other homes (aside from the CG residence) all have families in them, a couple with kids the same ages as ours. That alone is making our monsters giddy. Even better, the compound is close to both school and Consulate.
Tomorrow is the 6 month anniversary of my BCC surgery. I'll try to remember to take a picture. I'll always have a scar, I scar easily, so I'm glad I wear glasses! But I've been good about wearing a hat whenever I'm outside, long sleeves when it's not too miserably hot, and SPF moisturizer when I know I'll actually be in the sun. Here's to many years of healthy skin.
The stress of moving, or the anticipation of moving, is expressing itself in different ways around here. I'm happy to report that I no longer have insomnia, but as usual I have 3 different To Do lists floating in my head. They keep me up for a while until I pull out one of my many notebooks to jot everything down. The suitcases are taking over our bedroom floor and I feel better tossing things in there as I pass them. Katherine is behaving much more upbeat. She has her moments of being difficult or "depressed" but she's much better than she was 2 months ago and has taken a keen interest in playing with her sister. Rebecca is, of course, thrilled at all the hours of attention. Though something is bothering Becca, something she can't figure out. The past couple nights she's had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. Tonight she cried but when I asked what she was talking about or thinking about at the time, she couldn't come up with anything that would trigger this emotional response. I thought it must have to do with the move, starting over, leaving the dog, worries along that line... but she said no. And it's not from anything she's watched on TV or read in a book. She's just emotional. It will work itself out in time. The boys, well, the boys are as rambunctious as ever, but I have a feeling that's just them being boys.
Can you believe Jonathon, my baby, will be 5 next week? I can't either.
Still watching the housing market back home. Does anyone think there will be something, anything, affordable in Northern Virginia 2 1/2 years from now? We have our fingers crossed and once our car is paid off we'll be building up our savings for a house. Until then though, checking out is plain disheartening!
OK, enough tidbits. Off to bed. Another week almost done, and only 20 days left in Togo.

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