Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Keeping Busy.

Ian has been busy at work the past couple weeks, a welcome change of pace. Today was a continuation with a second American death case from the weekend, he didn't even break for lunch which is an odd thing indeed.

At home, nothing spectacular happened but it was a good day anyhow. Katherine enjoys practicing the piano and is doing well learning new songs from her "Kids' Favorites" book. She also won a round of Settlers of Catan, but Nicholas was right on her tail. The kids all played nice in the pool this morning. Someone from GSO came and changed about 8 light bulbs in the house. Yes, I can change a lightbulb, what I can't seem to figure out is taking off the covers. I've seen it done and yet I have this huge fear of fumbling it while tottering on the top of a rickety ladder. Our ceilings vary somewhere between 10-12' high and I could see myself dropping or slipping. It wouldn't be pretty. But now all our lights work and the boys especially are pleased.
We made a white cake with lemon pudding in it topped by lemon frosting. I love lemon stuff. And we finally opened up our single special bottle of kiwi wine, the one we carted for two years from Rotorua, NZ, through Sydney, Singapore, Manila, on to Arlington, VA and then here. Our fear of it being rancid were unfounded. It was amazing and wonderful. I wish we had a case! Unfortunately, Riverhead Estates no longer makes kiwi wine. Perhaps we need to go back to New Zealand and find a replacement.
While the rest of the family watched a couple episodes of Sliders (we're working our way through the first 3 seasons, and it has kept surprisingly well for an early 90s series and opens up a lot of discussion on different moral and political issues), I nearly finished Bad Twin by Gary Troup. It's a fictional fictional tale (yes, two fictionals), created especially for fans of the "Lost" TV series. I'm enjoying it quite a bit, especially as written in such a way that if I place a Sam Spade voice in my head, the book reads like a "dark and stormy night" novel. I'm curious to see how it ends.
Did I get anything productive done today? Not a thing. But that's OK sometimes too.

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