Friday, August 11, 2006


Naturally, with the news from London I imagine most traveling folks are wondering "What does this mean? How will this affect travel plans X, Y or Z?"

For us, my current thought is what to do with our carry-ons. If Lufthansa bans all carry-ons beyond just liquid and gel materials, is there a balanced increase in checked baggage allowance? We don't have a way to mail things out from here. Are flights from West Africa to Germany under similar bans as flights to and from London? Is there a place on-line that lists the different airlines and their up-to-date restrictions and guidelines?
Perhaps I should just plan otherwise to go bagless. It'll make sitting in the airports really boring, but if it avoids a panic-induced headache, I'm all for it.
Of course, I'm also relieved our plans were pushed back to the end of the month, after Indian Independence Day.

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