Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dosa Lives On In Our Hearts

Earlier today I'd written the following:

"We picked up Dosa from the vet and brought her to a "pet specialist" who wasn't in, so we could take her to a 3rd office for an xray, then go back to office #2 to show the xray to the vet who wasn't there, and we'll go back to the "specialist" when he's actually in, sometime after 7:30 this evening.
The xray showed hip dysplasia, apparently a side effect of the unknown trauma? Her hind legs are still paralyzed, they are also cooler than the rest of her body and the right leg is becoming rigid. She's feeling pain now, yesterday was probably shock and the swelling blocked the pain nerves. As the swelling diminishes she's regaining some sensation but no mobility."
We waited until the appointed time and we saw the vet. Throughout the day we watched her slowly fail and by the time the specialist saw her, noted that she'd burst her inner stitches and her muscles were working their way outside, that her temperature was dangerously low and she was severely dehydrated, coupled with raging inflammation...
They started an IV on our prone and unmoving pet to attempt to stabilize her before repairing her wound and hopefully curb the inflammation and pain that was preventing her from using her back end.
She died within minutes

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