Monday, February 5, 2007

I'd Call It An Emotional RollCoaster, But...

I don't know if something can be an emotional roller coaster if it just keeps plummeting. I guess the idea is that eventually something good will happen.

Ian and I buried Samosa today. As luck would have it, the little pet cemetery on the CG compound is part of the construction zone so it is filled with broken bricks, piles of junk and has huge holes dug throughout. We received permission to bury her in our yard, a quiet and shady spot marked with the tile marker the kids and I painted. We were going to have her little funeral ceremony this afternoon when the kids returned home. Dosa is extremely affectionate now, desperate for attention and companionship. She's a totally different cat to the point of curling up on the couch between Jonathon and Rebecca over the weekend. This from the cat that would turn tail and run the instant she saw Jonathon.
Ready at 2:45 p.m., we delivered cupcakes to Katherine's class for her birthday and then brought the kids home. At 3:45 while Ian was getting ready to take Katherine to a Super Bowl party at the Consulate, I crouched to pet Dosa who was laying on the den floor. Dosa dragged herself to me. Her hind legs are paralyzed. After a frantic call to the vet, we packed everyone and the cat to the vet clinic. It doesn't seem that there is a broken bone, but the vet seems sure there was a trauma. A hard and interrupted fall from a great distance. After a shot of cortizone to start reducing the swelling and the pressure on her spinal cord, we left Dosa at the vet for overnight observation. She'll receive regular cortizone injections and tomorrow morning we'll learn whether she needs x-rays on her back and what our next steps would be.
Some good thoughts would be greatly welcomed.

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