Saturday, February 3, 2007

Been a bad Sad Day, Aka Routine isn't Always as Straightforward as We'd Like

Wednesday evening we put away the food and water as requested, Thursday morning the cats went to the vet to be spayed. As all conscientious pet owners, we get all our pets fixed ASAP and this time it's when the kitties reached about 6 months old. In by 7 a.m., home by 9 a.m. with all the comforts for recovery.

Dosa went down fine and her procedure and recovery went smoothly. She's up and climbing furniture, meowing for a petting, taking care of her incision and being very catlike about the whole thing.
Samosa had a harder time going under with the anaesthetic and took a long time to come out of it on Thursday. Her breathing steadily declined until this morning she was wheezing and listless. Periodically she got up for a drink or to use the litterbox, but otherwise she layed in the corner on a blanket. Since she was worsening, we brought her to the vet at 1 p.m. where she received a shot to help her breathing, another with additional antibiotics and another against "acidosis" since the low level of oxygen and no food for days could affect her body functions. By 5 p.m. every breathe was accompanied by audible gasping and her eyes were open but vacant. We called the vet again and she recommended a medication, so we went to the corner store and Ian gave Samosa the dosage. Samosa vomitted it up with blood, went into convulsions with more blood, and her heart stopped.
The kids are devastated, Ian is angry. There's no way to know what was the cause of Samosa's rapid failure but Ian feels not everything was done for her that could have been. Steady monitoring by the vet, having the symptoms taken more seriously, something. The vet thought it could be related to cat flu. I felt it was an underlying condition, something no one could have foreseen, that was complicated or exacerbated by the anaesthetic or surgery.
None of that matters though. We are crushed.
Samosa is gone.

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