Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Weekend

Our laid back weekend went by quickly.

Saturday morning started with piano lessons for the girls. They need to practice more during the week, but they do each sit down several times and run through their pieces. Their scales are sorely neglected though. Nicholas has expressed an interest in having lessons and will sit down to plunk out some melodies as well from Rebecca's book. He loves math so this fits him well, counting up, counting down, holding notes to fit a measure. I told him that if he continues on with his sister as tutor, and still has an interest in the Fall, then I will ask Ms. Becky to take him on as well.
Right after Ms. Becky left, we prepared for USA Fun Day at our house. About 15 kids and their parents gathered in our den to give and listen to presentations on various states and famous Americans. Everyone did a great job, it was obvious some time had been spent searching out answers to a string of questions. I was especially proud of my own kids... of course. Rebecca and Nicholas put in a lot of time and practice to pull their posters together and give their talks; it showed.
Right after everyone left, we drove down the ECR to pick up our new family of kitties. Momma Cat, now being referred to as Lucy I believe, will go to our neighbors about mid-April. The three littles include two all blacks and one tiger wild cat. All blacks huh? Maybe we should name them Kia and Ora.
Sunday after church we caught most of the Heroes marathon on TV. There have been all of 5 episodes shown here and the kids were interested in seeing them. During the week it's on after American Idol so they haven't had to opportunity to watch until now.
I've got a couple projects to keep me busy the next couple weeks. I'm going to have to force myself to take breaks from the computer, my neck aches today.

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