Thursday, May 8, 2008

And she's off

Katherine is heading to Mumbai this afternoon with the volleyball team. I'm sure she'll have loads of stories to tell when she gets home Sunday night. They'll have to wait until Monday though, since a friend is picking her up from the airport for us.

She says she'll call every night. I don't think she will, I think she'll be having too much fun. And part of me hopes she doesn't call. She's with a good group of kids and I feel she'll be quite secure.

Nicholas will have the hardest time with her absence. Oh, how he hates change.

ETA: She DID call tonight! And she sounds fabulous. There was a small issue on the plane having to do with the giggles from others after Katherine fell asleep on the shoulder of her seatmate... a Boy... but she sounds like she's handling it just fine. And guess what, her host family is from the Philippines and has 3 girls, one a "really really cute 2nd grader!" OK, we may not even get our girl back at the end of this!

Soo Youn (Yes, I probably just massacred her name, poor girl), Katherine, Melissa and Meghan.
Soo Youn and Katherine are roommates with their host family, Melissa and Meghan are roommates with theirs. Katherine, Melissa and Meghan are the only 6th grade girls going, so they'll be pretty tight for the weekend.
I'm not at all nervous about this trip for her. Which is usually a sure sign that something catastrophic will happen. Let's all cross our fingers that this time it'll be different and she'll come back healthy and strong in every way. Not like the folks that came back from SAISA Track and Field in Delhi recently.

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