Sunday, May 25, 2008

When the DJ starts to loop, it's time to go home.

DJs in Chennai are notorious for being lousy. They play some really weird stuff, and the rest comes from no earlier than the 50s and no later than perhaps 1982. They'll cut off great songs about 2 minutes in, but let others that repeat the same 5 words drag on to the very last note.

After having a Becca-friend-sleep-over on Friday night and attending a birthday party at Sparky's Saturday morning, Ian and I went to the end of school year Thank You put on by AISC at the Park Sheraton.

We have no excuse not to go, it's a 10 minute walk from our house. Last year we went also and had planned about 20 minutes: arrive late, make the short round to the people we knew, go home before the awards and dinner. Last night we stayed from 7:30 to nearly 11, an eternity for someone like me who really doesn't enjoy being in a loud room, yelling over the music for hours. And the basic effort of making chitchat with people is still exhausting. When I had my plate of food and sat down to an empty table, I got a couple of odd looks (from people I know, no less), but yes I was quite enjoying the 5 minutes of solitude, if not quietness. I like these people, I really do, but I'm really not a talker.
Anyhow, the official remarks were short, sending off the Board members and teachers who leave this summer. The food was decent, all Indian. The company was good, Consulate and AISC folks. The invite list is a little odd actually. School invitees are those who have given to the school somehow as the Board, the PTA, room parents, etc. Then the entire Consulate is invited: parents, people without kids, singles, everyone. And even crazier, they show up. Anything for a free food, a dance floor and an open bar!
This year we stayed for the festivities, had fun, and decided that when the DJ started playing songs a second time it was a cue to depart. I like "Manic Monday" as much as the next person but it's not really dancing music. Neither is "Dancing Queen" come to think of it.
Today Ian and Katherine head out on their trip and the rest of us will go to a farewell potluck this afternoon. I'm going to miss these busy weekends in 2 weeks.

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