Friday, May 23, 2008

Magic Tree House Mystery

We have #1-28 in the Magic Tree House series. We've read them all, Nicholas has read most of them again, Jonathon is on book 9 or so in his own reading of them. I'd like to get the rest of the series, but am having issues as it appears that 29-32 are not sold in paperback version, anywhere. I have 33-36 in my amazon cart in paperback. I've checked ebay and the sets only go to 28. If they do include more, the lot is for 1-28, 33-some-other-book-number. I've checked the Scholastic site and it only goes up to 28 even though there are clearly at least a dozen more books out.

What is the deal with that? We want the middle set in paperback but they just don't seem to exist. Weird.

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