Friday, May 30, 2008

Teacher Assignments are out.

Jonathon has been assigned Ms. Mary Bigwood. I will request a switch because I don't think her open and free learning style will suit him. He needs very clear expectations and guidelines and an exact place to be at all times, or he tends to go a little nuts. Too much freedom or choice is not a good thing for Jonathon. I had Nicholas switched out of her assigned class this year (though Nicholas is a very different student and person than Jonathon is) and I think Jonathon warrants the same attention.

Nicholas will get Ms. Lauri Carlson. She's coming to India after 16 years at the Friends School of Minnesota.

Rebecca will have another new hire, Ms. Erin Duffy. I can't find anything about her on-line at all, though she's supposedly worked at the Shenzhen High School in Taiwan, somewhere in South Korea, as well as in Washington and California state schools.

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