Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When the Cat's Away...

Oh sure, they're having a blast in Singapore. They've eaten at Tony Roma's, seen the new Indiana Jones flick, had breakfast delivered to the room, shopped and shopped some more, eaten at McDs with actual sausage.... the list goes on.

But hey, we're having fun in Chennai too!

Let's see, Rebecca did her afterschool swim yesterday. It was a holiday for me and I stayed home to work on a blanket, get some ironing done, and watch "The Man Who Would be King." I stopped by the Konica shop to drop off a CD of pictures for a calendar. One of the photos wouldn't come up so I figured I'd try again today. I swung by Rashika and dropped off some material and my measurements to have a salwar set made. Nothing like leaving that to the last minute as I've had the material for nearly a year and it will (hopefully) be done the day before I'd like to wear it. And I remembered to return library books that were due last Friday.
Work this morning. I wouldn't have gone since my kids had the science fair today, but with so many people out I was on the schedule for fingerprinting and couldn't get away until 11. So I left early and swung by Konica with my new CD of photos and the contact sheet I'd printed out that proved all the photos were on there. One wouldn't come up. They said it had something to do with the Korean characters in the file name. I stopped by home and fixed it. I think. I'll go back again tomorrow. Then it was off the school to stop by the PTA potluck social for lunch (I didn't bring anything, bad mem I just ate), before going to the 4th grade classroom to see Rebecca and Charlie's project on magic magnets. With a little time on my hands I hung out in the library and I think I feel asleep because I'm pretty sure I woke myself up with my own snoring. Jonathon came by to get me to see the first grade science projects and his favorite: mixing vinegar and baking soda to fill up a balloon. I collected the kids, sent Jonathon off to his friend Marcus's house to play, then plopped myself back in the library for the rising 7th and 8th graders meeting. Next year looks like it will be quite a bit better organized for the kids with team teaching, no more block days and a daily advisory time. The meeting was short and to the point, there were only a handful of parents there as the meeting was advertised once in the Head's Notes, two weeks ago. Rounded up Rebecca and Nicholas, then shuttled down the ECR to pick up Jonathon. He was in the swimming pool when we arrived, so I sat and chatted with the parents for about an hour. Charlotte is the other room mom for 1B and has done way more than I all year in the class. Home just after 7, dinner eaten by 8, a phone call from Singapore to hear about Katherine's day. By the time I got off the phone the boys had put themselves to bed. Rebecca followed suit.
No movie for me tonight. I'm hitting the sack.

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