Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Day 3 of school

I stopped by the school today after work to drop off a ream's worth of forms. Health forms, physical forms, bus forms, lunch forms. It was nice to be back in the familiar halls and checking out new books from the library.

Said hello to Jonathon's teacher, Ms. Roberston, who was Nicholas's teacher last year so I know he'll have a great year. She rules a no nonsense classroom, but has a lot of fun with the kids and they really like her.
I met Nicholas's teacher when I popped my head in to say Hi. She started right off with how wonderful he is. Because he's so quiet?, I asked. No no no, he's outgoing and chatty and a leader and..., she said before I stopped her. You're talking about Nicholas? I queried with a sort of "you're kidding, right?" tone. She was serious. I told her that of my 4 kids he's the most reserved, always has been pretty mellow, just ask Ms. Robertson across the hall. She commented my house must be a little crazy if he's the quiet one. Honestly, I'm not quite sure what to make of it!
I stopped into Rebecca's class to say Hello, but didn't get a chance to meet her teacher, though Rebecca again said her teacher is the best one ever, so I'm thinking she's going to have a great year too. I tried to grab Ms. D after school but she was talking to another parent and I didn't get a chance to break into the conversation introduce myself politely. Next time.
I'm really pleased with all the teacher placements this year, even with Katherine's classes. Katherine is doing really well, I'm very pleased, even while I watch her with a more knowledgable eye. Today she was downright perky after school, when I caught up with her walking down the hall with a new girl... Katherine.
I can't help thinking it's going to be a great year for my little brood.

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