Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sound of Silence

And... we're back. A word to the wise, if you're in Chennai and need internet access, do not use Tata Indicom. Their customer service is terrible, their connectivity is unreliable. In the 3 weeks of July we were actually here, we were out for 8 days. Whatever. Though we're up and running now, we're looking for a new service.

In the meantime we've been getting ready for school and enjoying the last few lazy days of summer. Folks are returning from their holidays, my calendar is getting pencilled in, and I start work again on Monday. Why didn't I take Monday off to enjoy it to myself?

Today we went back to Sparky's for lunch. The food is decent, it's the diner feel and the laid back comfort that really is attractive. Thom, the owner, is always up for a chat and you're bound to run into some friends no matter when you go.

Earlier in the week I had my meltdown; I'm better now. The neighbors returned with 7-week old Racquel, which has been both a wonderful thing and a bit like a spike in the heart. What can I say, I'm still hopeful for us. It's been 7 years (7! Jonathon turns 7 on the 18th, OhMyGoodness) since my last baby but I've never given up the dream. I think my brain is broken.

But that's not what you want to hear about. Bid list is getting turned in very soon. Research has continued, changes have been made. Curious? Read on.

#1 - Athens
#2 - Sydney
#3 - Bucharest
#4 - FSI
#5 - Brussels
#6 - London
#7 - Athens
#8 - EL CDO
#9 - London
#10 - Istanbul
#11 - St. Petersburg
Surprised? It's what happens as we learn about the jobs, the schools, the opportunities. Multiple city entries mean different job positions. EL CDO is a Career Development Officer for Entry Level officers. FSI is a teaching job for ConGen. FSI and CDO bring us to the DC area for 2 years-3 years. Athens, Bucharest, Istanbul and St. Petersburg would bring us back for a year of language. Brussels, London, and Sydney would mean just a Home Leave vacation before going on to the next Post.
Wish us luck.
Oh, and now for something completely different:

This was on TV here!

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