Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is Getting Old.

Finally one of my ears popped yesterday. The other is still well plugged, as is most of my head. The sinus drainage continues, and my lungs are releasing the crap they've held on to all week so there's mucus everywhere.

I'm officially done with feeling like Yuck. Bring on the healthy me, please. I have a life to live.

Friday and Saturday were active days. After work on Friday, my neighbor and I took the new CG's wife around a bit of town. After lunch at Peshawri (best Indian restaurant in town, at the Chola Sheraton), we swung by Fab India for bathroom items (they have awesome towels and even better bathroom rugs and bed linens, besides their clothing and other household goods). Then we passed by Spencer's Plaza and Citi Centre though we didn't have time to go in to either. Right outside our neighborhood we showed her the Park Sheraton (Cappuccino rocks, Salon 2000 for hair stuff), Reliance Fresh (vegetables and dry foods), Anna Naana (dry goods, perishables, household items, bathroom and kitchen supplies, a deli), and pointed out Oryza (spa, manicure/pedicure, hair), and Anokhi (clothing, decorative items). All within walking distance from home.
There was enough time to get home and collect the kids from the bus before returning to the Consulate with the brood for a Hail Happy Hour. Lots and lots of new people to chit chat with and welcome to the community. We hung about for an hour or so then had to skeddadle home in order for Katherine to turn right back around, pick up a friend, and attend the first middle school dance of the year. The dance was OK, she said not many folks showed up but she came home in a good mood.
Saturday morning arrived. Activity morning. I pawned off my tennis time to Ian since I'm just not up for moving much these days what with the coughing and stuffy head; Jonathon had his 30 minutes too. Meanwhile some friends picked up the girls to bring them to the school for swimming time trials, only to have the rest of us follow to the school for the boys' Saturday soccer. Next weekend will be a replay. Next weekend's time trials are the big ones, the trials that determine who gets to join the SAISA travel team. Rebecca is in 5th grade, she doesn't qualify; SAISA is only open to MS and HS. We'll leave the decision up to Katherine if she makes the team and not push either way. Swimming is great exercise for her and that's our only goal as parents.
We were starving, so a stop at KFC at Acendas was in order. It used to be that cars could enter the parking lot and park in the visitors section if you were visiting the food court. Then they banned any cars that didn't belong to the businesses in the building (Amazon, Caterpillar, Nokia, etc.) or were visiting those businesses. So we parked along the street and followed the walking entrance to enter the compound. No problem. Yesterday, we parked along the street and had a warning from a friend that the normal entrance we'd used was no longer open to us. So we went to the second entrance as planned, only to be stopped at the gate. Now, in order to even use the food court, we had to check in. Fill in a form... where from, where going, date, signature, etc. He ripped it off the little pad, gave it to us, and we walked in. Picked up our food, left. Never gave the slip to anyone. Blistering heat, formality of a slip of paper, and absolutely no record kept anywhere at the Acendas building. Ah, India. The process torqued us enough to reconsider going there again though I know we'll cave at some point. Probably next Saturday.
By the time we returned home, I was done for the day. Curled up, I read Meyer's Eclipse and whiled the entire afternoon away. Katherine went to a friend's house, Rebecca invited a friend over, and the boys wasted their afternoon on the computer. We did watch a movie at the neighbor's house, something called "Shooter" with Marky Mark. I don't care for Marky Mark, but the movie was pretty good. I even managed more on the blanket I'm slowly trying to finish.
It's how a Saturday should be in the Hopper house.

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