Sunday, November 20, 2011

College Tour: George Mason University

Saturday was college tour #3. George Mason University is a big state school with a price tag to match. The boys came along for this one since it's close to home and was simply a 1 1/2 hour information session and a tour, not a 4 hour Campus Visit Day.

We need to bring them more often. Even Nicholas is digging the idea of going to college... actually going TO college... living at college. With a microwave and fridge in the dorm room. And impromptu sword fights in the commons. He's totally digging the idea of college.

GMU has changed since I toured 20 years ago. It's much cozier and friendlier than I recall. The student union is a nice building, the classes are taught by professors, and the freshman dorms are typical. It's definitely a bike-able campus, and it has the Patriot Center, host to all forms of entertainment, sports and visiting speakers.

It's also very close to my parents. I never realized (even when I visited) how close it was. On the edge of Fairfax City, it's roughly 20 minutes away from Annandale and chock full of shops and restaurants. Not as accessible to DC as Marymount, it still is accessible.

Mark it down as a possibility.

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