Monday, November 28, 2011

Rekindling Friendships

Yesterday we had the opportunity to have some old friends over, with their 3 adorable kids. The last time we saw them in the Philippines, their oldest was 3 months old. Now she's 7, and they have 2 cute boys added to their family.

I find it interesting how rarely we have company. There are several reasons for that, the primary one being how far away we live. I'm uncomfortable asking folks to drive all this way just to visit us. I also feel that people are more comfortable staying in their own homes, especially when they have kids who are possibly happier in their own space with their own toys and own snacks. Our home is also not at all child-proofed, nor do we have little kid toys anymore. Unless you count Jonathon.

Then again, new space, new stuff to get into, new rooms to run through. The gerbil was very popular. Ovi was already chubby, I think he was overly stuffed with sunflower seeds and corn by the end of the evening. The cat was completely absent, he high-tailed it out the second they stepped in the door. The electronic piano was popular for both "playing" and dancing next to. Jonathon jumped right into playmate mode. Our friends brought some games (Spot It was quite fun) that anyone who wanted could play. Lots of chatting and snacking and yelling ensued, there's a lot of catching up to do after 7 years. I feel for them being where we were 7 years ago... it's exhausting. But I know they'll come through with flying colors.

We have loose plans to go on a double date come the new year. I hope we can make it work with the distance and the 7 kids between us. Rebecca would love to babysit and Ian and I need to renew connections before heading back out next summer.

After the holidays though. This week starts the "insanity." Oh, it's not that bad, though this week is quite busy with Rebecca's chorus concert on Thursday, Becca's birthday on Friday, and Becca's Confirmation on Saturday.

We should rename December to Beccember.

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  1. I feel so honored to have made the blog! It was a wonderful evening - I spent the rest of the night repeating to Laura - "I sure do like those Hoppers!" - Really though, I love it when I can see old friends again, and aside for the size of the children, really feel like not that much has changed...