Monday, November 7, 2011


USA Hockey did a nationwide open hockey clinic for kids age 4-9 on Saturday. Our ice rink didn't put an age cap on the clinic so Jonathon suited up and spent an hour on the ice.

11/5/11: Getting geared up.

11/5/11: Having fun all geared up.

There was some hockey going on. The kids were equipped with sticks and there were pucks...

11/5/11: Wobbly on the skates.

... and there was a lot of time spent falling and getting up off the ice. For the really young kids a good amount of time was spent just holding them up, not-falling the priority far more than any hockey playing.

11/5/11: Ovi impression?

11/5/11: Much time was spent getting up from the ice.

Thankfully Jonathon does have some sense of balance so every once in a while he looked like a hockey player.

11/5/11: Taking a shot at the goal.

Both boys want to play hockey. Not entirely realistic considering neither can really skate and we're moving to a Middle Eastern country that doesn't host a frozen rink at all, but the interest is where it starts and they can take some learn-to-skate classes as long as we're here.

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