Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Day and Post-Turkey-Day Hockey

11/24/11: Turkey time

11/24/11: Waiting...

11/24/11: Waiting.. and waiting... for food.

11/24/11: Family photo take #1

Between the turkey dinner and the hockey game, the girls and I did brave, just this once, midnight Black Friday shopping. We arrived at Kohls just after the last folks who had been waiting in line walked in, 800 folks or so. Kohls is cramped and the line took about 45 minutes to check out. Becca stuck with me, Katherine went on her own which meant we waited in line, hoping Katherine would cross our path. It took a call over the intercom at checkout to corral her just in the nick of time before she would have had to go to the back of the line.

We followed Kohls with Target, much brighter and better organized. The girls just about finished their cash.

If that weren't enough, we crashed back at home at 3 a.m., then gathered Katherine, Becca and Nicholas at 9 a.m. Katherine had an appointment, the other two walked themselves to the mall across from the doctor's office.

I think our shopping is done. Almost. There's still a tree to get.

11/25/11: Gwen at the Rangers game

Yes, the Caps lost. Oh well! The spicy chicken tenders and fries were good.

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