Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Prepping for sale

As the holidays approach, the busyness cranks up. I'm cleaning house to make room for a tree and room for people for our Christmas celebration with my parents and grandmother. Having guests, any sort of guests, is a wonderful reason for getting the house pulled together in small bursts. My goal over the next few months is to clean an area and declutter it to the point that keeping it neat and clean is no issue.

It can be done, right? I need more rubbermaids.

Along with cleaning and decluttering, there are upgrades and repairs to be made.

I think we'll need to replace the water heater. It's original to our house.

A few walls need patching. How do walls get holes in them (aside from nail holes) anyway?

The kitchen still needs ceiling trim. That's only been waiting since we moved in and took down the wallpaper trim.

I've replaced the kitchen cabinet knobs but haven't found replacement hinges that actually fit the holes already in the cabinet doors. Suggestions? I've tried drilling in new holes and that is tough in these builder grade cabinets.

The upstairs bathrooms needs new faucets. One has already been bought, just sitting and waiting.

The back yard playset needs cleanup.

The deck needs a powerwash.

The master closet ceiling light needs a dome. Naked lights are, well, naked.

The driveway needs an oil cleanup. Easy peasy.

The carpets all will get a professional cleaning.

Speaking of carpets, the newly installed (2009) living room carpet is having an issue. I need to see if the install is still under warranty.

There are niggling things here and there. The biggest issue is Too Much Stuff and we'll work on that over the winter and into the spring.

Can't believe we're moving in 1/2 a year.

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