Monday, April 30, 2012

Continuing the countdown... 6 weeks in the house, 9 weeks until departure.

You've seen our list so far of what we've done and we have yet to do.

Done since the last time:

Appointment made with the vet for within 30 days of our departure to get cat's rabies certificate.

Visas are ready for pick up tomorrow.

Still to do:

Six of 8 ACS recommendations have come back.  Yay!  Just waiting for the other 2, which is fine since I gave the folks until May 4th to complete them for just this reason.  Some people are just quicker than others, like the 2 who returned them the same day.  They rock.

In the meantime I really need to scan all 4 sets of applications and email them off to ACS.  It's a time-consuming and boring job, which is why I haven't done it yet.  No excuses this week.

Plan yard sale #2 to include several pieces of furniture we're currently using.  That'll be fun.

House is still on the market.  Two weeks now.  Arg.

Pick up Medical Records.

Return 3/4 cello to Music&Arts (after May 6th concert).

Order items from Amazon, including 4/4 hard cello case needed for shipping.

Return text books to schools, especially Gar-Field.  Still have texts from last year she didn't return.

Still waiting for White House tour tickets. It's been weeks.  Is that normal or should we just give up on them?

What am I missing??

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