Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Science at Manassas Battlefield National Park

4/11/12: Field Trip to Manassas Battlefied, for science

It was cold. And windy. And cold. And a little wet. And really cold. Nicholas wanted me to go on his field trip, so I went. We tested water quality, checked for macro-invertebrates in the creek and played some games. Our group found a spreadwing damselfly nymph


which was pretty cool looking. And though one of the park assistants asked if I had a background in science (yup!), I was reminded again that getting a Master's in marine biology really wasn't the path for me. I think I'd like to get a Master's in regular biology though, or something that just doesn't involve water. And being wet. And cold.

I don't like wet and cold. But I do like field trips, and I'm glad Nicholas invited me along.

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  1. What fun! And good for you for putting all that schoolwork to work, lol!