Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break coming to a close.

It really hasn't been a fun spring break for the kids. Katherine was off to Wisconsin with my mom for the week and she had an enjoyable and eye-opening time. Ian was at work Mon-Thurs but took Friday off. The kids and I cleaned the house, and deck, and playground, and yard.... we cleaned a lot. Becca spent a good chunk of 3 days cleaning her room. Thursday we took off and the kids went ice skating, then Becca and I did a little clothes shopping. Each of the kids have UAB rubbermaids where new clothes get packed along with other items from their rooms that will make their new rooms in Jordan feel more like their own right off the bat. Familiar sheet sets, some stuffed animals, and a few decorations. Some games and books will round it out.

For so much stuff that is not coming with us, this morning we held a yard sale. I forgot to take photos but almost everything went. We were of the mind that everything out there was not coming back in the house, so we were pushed to sell, give away, throw out, donate. And the 3 younger kids were on-board as they would split the proceeds of whatever we sold. We were also of the mind that we weren't going to spend our entire Saturday manning a yard sale. Ian put up signs this morning, the sale opened at 8 and we shut down at 11. One person came about 1/2 hour before the sale, and another came 1/2 hour after the sale, and the first 15 minutes must have seen 40 people pass through.

It was fun, and painless, the house feels lighter and the kids are happy. Win-win-win-win.

The kids managed $71/each.

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