Tuesday, April 17, 2012

So far in the Move Countdown....

We are 8 weeks out from moving out of our house, and 11 weeks until our departure.

- Orders received.

- Our house is on the market. Please buy it.

- Yard sale #1 held.

- Schools are informed of our departure: records requested from Montclair and Gar-Field, still need to do the needful at Saunders.

- Medical records requests will be submitted tomorrow.

- ACS recommendation forms have been disseminated to various school personnel.

- New passports received.

- Visa requests were dropped off at Main State.

- Walk through date scheduled for early May.

- Packout dates scheduled for 13-15 June.

- Summer reservations made for DC and VA Beach.

- Tickets acquired for Crime&Punishment Museum, Holocaust Museum, Capitol tour.

- Still waiting for White House tour tickets and Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

- Plane reservations made.

-Cat reserved on plane. New carrier received.

What am I missing?

Oh right.

- Binder started. My favorite part.

What is there left to do?

- Send applications to ACS

- Get Katherine's recommendations from hospital.

- Sell house*

- Receive visas*

- Pick up school records*

- Receive recommendation letters from schools.

- Pick up medical records*

- Schedule turn-offs for all utilities.

* = waiting on other people!

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