Thursday, April 19, 2012

Playing Hooky

OK, not really. Ian didn't play hooky today, we had to go downtown to the SIA office to sign the passports we'd sent off for visas sans signatures, before they actually got sent to the Jordanian Embassy. Oops. Always check to see if whatever needs signing actually gets signed.

I really do like the District. It's bright and clean and sunny, with huge sidewalks, green spaces, tons of restaurants and shops, monuments and museums and everything else. Obviously, I don't live in a city, but I think someday I'd like to give it a try.

4/19/12: In the District: Capital Bikeshare, locked an loaded.

4/19/12: In the District: Crumbs cupcakery, just like NYC.

4/19/12: In the District: Oh Fish!!

Our time in the SIA was quick, so we did what normal people do on a home game day at 11 a.m. We caught the tail-end of practice at Kettler.

4/19/12:  Is that Jeff Halpern with Nick Backstrom?

4/19/12: Yup, that's him.

4/19/12: Orlov!  Still not in the line-up.

4/19/12: Neuvy in goal for practice.

Sweaty Swede:

4/19/12: Nicky!

4/19/12: Nicky's "NICKE" gloves

4/19/12: Suspended Nicky in practice.

Me and Joe B.!

4/19/12: Me with Joe B.!

On the way to the van to drop off a bag, Mike Green passed by me. He was walking completely unmolested to his car... parked next to ours. You know how neat I think that is? I figure it's one of the things that keeps hockey players "humble," at least as humble as sports star millionaires can be. Or maybe it's just that we're not a killer hockey town and players can just be themselves. Clearly he wasn't interested in autographs or photos, so he got in his car and I told him Good Luck on tonight's game, he waved Thanks and drove out. Just as we nearly "ran over" Ovi a few weeks ago, now we have the distinction of nearly getting "run over" by Greenie, while getting Braden Holtby's autograph.

4/19/12: Braden Holtby autographing stuff

*happy sigh*

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