Friday, May 4, 2012

Field Trip: American Art Museum - Art of the Video Game

Signet field trip for 8th grade, so I chaperoned Rebecca's group.  It's a small exhibit with only 3 rooms.  The first chronicles the eras of gaming consoles.  Each era was broken into the individual consoles and the games in each genre (Action, Adventure, Strategy, Tactics) that epitomized the age.  Of course, it began in the 70s with Atari with PacMan and Asteroids.

In the second room there were 5 megasized games free for playing.

In the third room there was a very slim showing of artwork from game development.  It was a little disappointing actually, with all the games out there and all the effort that goes into designing them, the didn't have more than 20 images to show for it.

As far as the significant games for the eras, I already mentioned PacMan.  We were pleased to also see (aside from the multiple renditions of Mario and Zelda) BioShock, Worms, Diablo II, and Portal recognized.

Final thought: the exhibit was neat, but really only worth about 20-30 minutes.

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