Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mom's Day to Me!

After last night's sad loss in Game 7 to the Rangers, we needed a pick-me-up.

OK, that was during the 3rd period, in hopes it would make the crumbling of our hopes feel a little less sour in our belly.  It worked for about 5 minutes.

You already know that my husband rocks more than all yours.  Not only did send a dozen gorgeous roses, but he also got me a Holtby jersey.  I was so excited and so giddy.  Ask my kids.  If we'd been in public I would have SO embarrassed them.

This morning we went to church at Saint Thomas More in Arlington, then over to Kettler Iceplex for their $5 open skate.  We all skated. (Click on the photos to see them larger.)

It almost looks like we have the whole ice to ourselves, doesn't it?  Oddly enough, for $5 skate day very few people take part.  The ice still gets chopped up but there's plenty of room for falling.  Which several of the family did in fine form.  Not yours truly, of course.  Each time we go I impress my kids with my little bit of skating ability.  Last time it was the fact that I can skate at all (you should have seen them when I roller-skated last summer).  This time was that I can skate backwards.  I can't do a cross-over or much of anything else, but for my kids what I can do is enough, because so far they can't.  Jonathon is going to pass me up in no time though.  Combine his shortness with his fearlessness and the fact he falls 10 times doesn't phase him.  I still have a definite aversion to falling, so it's clear which one of us will actually progress with exposure.

Oops, caught Katherine laughing.  Try again.

There we go.

And... cue duck face.

He almost smooshed into the window.

Ah, there we go.


We stopped by grandma and grandpa's house on the way home to wish my mom a Happy Mom's Day and see the progress my dad is making on the 1000-piece puzzle he got for his birthday, as well as the puzzle ball rubber band... game thing.  Tie up all the rubber bands, then try to untwist them.  It's irritation at its finest.

What will top it off?  Well, there's a cat on my lap now, so that's a good thing.  But no... there's a Coldstone cupcake in the freezer, and I do believe it has my name on it.

Happy Mom's Day all.  I hope your day was as good as mine.

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