Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fixing up to say goodbye.

This weekend was a time for wrapping up, specifically for Rebecca who is having the hardest time leaving Virginia.  She has settled in so solidly that no matter what we say about Jordan she simply wants to stay here.  Truly, for the girls they are giving the most up with this move.  Band camps, swim team, drama camp, and for Becca all the stuff that comes with attending HS here... the opportunity to do crew, for example.  Not much chance for crew in Jordan.

So this weekend was for Becca Stuff.

Saturday was mom and Becca.  We went shopping, as all good moms/daughters do.  Kohls for some new shorts and underthings. I gave her a $ budget and she went from there.  It helped that Kohls did their Buy $50/Get $10GC thing. Then to the mall to check out PINK/Victoria's Secret for sweatpants. I've never been into a Victoria's Secret before (nearly 38 years old, and yes, it's true) but I think I might be a convert.  Not at full price, certainly.  We walked out of PINK with nothing because $45 for sweatpants that say PINK is not my idea of good money spent.  We agreed that if she wants sweatpants we'll check out Target and she'll have to manage without the PINK logo.  

Granted, none of my kids are truly focused on brands for clothing, except perhaps when it come to shoes.  Becca sold me on the expensive brands with the argument that a) her feet aren't growing so shoes need to last longer, b) the shoes are better quality therefore worth the extra money, and c) the style is "cool."  Negating the last one, the argument was valid.  Becca's feet haven't changed size in a couple years so it seems wise to invest in shoes that will last longer than the 6-month specials at Payless.  We bought each of the kids several pairs of shoes, some are put aside for when the need arises in Jordan, some are even identical to the ones they currently wear since they like them so much.

We also made an impromptu stop in Group USA.  In Jordan there will be some formal affairs, Becca might even get to go to a Marine Ball or two, so it seemed prudent to get something formal, just in case.  She isn't a tall person, I think she rings in right around 5'3" or so, much to her 5'8" sister's delight, so she feels that short dresses are the way to look taller.  I encouraged her to at least try on a long one, just to see.  Truly, this photo doesn't do it one bit of justice.

We'll have to wait until to see it on her until she has a function to wear it to, but suffice to say that I actually got a little teary when she tried it on. (I can only imagine the blubbering fool I'll be when my girls go wedding dress shopping.  Skip the Kleenex, bring on the towel.)

A carry-on suitcase added to our pile and completed our shopping day.  And to top off our day, a trip to the spa near home for a French manicure.

That evening she had 5 friends for a sleep-over.  No sleep was had, we heard voices until past 4 a.m.  Beyond pizza and a trip out to Baskin' Robbins for ice cream, we stayed out of the way.  The cat was understandably annoyed at all the intrusion.

Sunday we traded.  Becca went to a friend's house for a sleep-over.  I spent the day with my boys.  We played "tennis" over at the elementary school, hitting the ball around without a net to get in the way, and lots of room to chase wayward balls.  At home we played Cranium and then the boys encouraged (ok, pushed, prodded, and begged) me to give Minecraft on the xBox360 a go.  We now have "Family Town" where the boys have built houses right next to my cave house and we all go hunting pigs together.  Ah, family bonding.

In the evening, Ian and I watched "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy."  Why?  Ian tried to read the book and found it so slow and boring he couldn't finish it, but for some reason he still wanted to know who the mole was.  Unfortunately the movie was just as slow and boring, but he really wanted to see who the mole was so we stayed with it until the end.  And then decided we actually hadn't cared who the mole was all along and were simply glad the movie was over.  That's $2 and 90 minutes we won't get back.  Thankfully, Game of Thrones and the Blackwater waited in the wings to wash out the slow and boring taste in our mouths.

Monday Rebecca returned home with her friend Allison, then her boyfriend Dakota showed up, and then our friends, with Rebecca's best friend Jacquelyn from Chennai, came down.  We all went to Dolphin Beach for the afternoon.  


The older kids on the pier.  Sunning.  Bad kids.

Nicholas caught a little fish, which drew everyone's attention.  Better than a snake.

If Becca asks, the boys behave.  Miracles abound.

Silly siblings.

Dakota and Becca, so cute.

Unfortunately, even with sunscreen on we all got roasted.  Poor virgin winter skin exposed to the sun's rays. They really are serious about reapplications and I don't think the kids will fight me on sunscreen at all this summer.  My arms and Becca's legs are not the sunscreen's fault, as it never made it to either of those parts. And Nicholas was spared but for his cheeks, thanks to his long swim trunks and his insistence on a swim shirt.  Smart boy.

It was quite a weekend for all of us, a fun weekend, one worthy of being a nearly-last-weekend.

Let's see what next weekend has in store.

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