Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally, we know.

The box.  No clue what was "LIVE" in it though.  Or why the box was so big since the box inside the box was the size of a sheaf of papers.

The kit. Do you see anything "LIVE"? Not at all complicated, with a teacher's guide though I didn't read it.

Prepping the cards with the agents.  We had a control group since we knew no one in the house would come up with an A blood type.

A drop of blood mixed with the agents.  If the blood reacts and breaks down, it's that type.  So, final results confirmed that I am indeed B- and Ian is indeed O+.  And the kids?  They are one of each.  Fantastic, if you did a Punnet Square with our blood types, you'd get exactly our kids.  

Katherine is OO+ like her father.

Rebecca is OO-.

Nicholas is BO- like me.

Jonathon is BO+.

The biggest wimp in the whole affair?  Ian.  Seriously.  The man stood there when it was his turn and said he'd really rather not.  He'd REALLY RATHER NOT.  What.  A. Wimp.  Yeesh.

So there we have it.  It's something I've been meaning to do for years and now it's done.  Happy me.

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